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Restaurant Le Coupe-Chou
Restaurant Le Coupe-Chou - 9 & 11, rue de Lanneau 75005 Paris

La presse : Paris Voice - The Magazine for English-Speaking Parisiens

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Article paru en mai 2001 par Julie Baker.

La presse : Paris Voice - The Magazine for English-Speaking Parisiens
[...] Everything about this restaurant, from the little entrance that opens like a well-kept secret onto a room scented by wood smoke from the huge fire place to the friendly service, is captivating. Located on a tiny medieval passageway not far from La Sorbonne, the restaurant is made up of an extraordinary group of charming rooms dating from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Lead windows, exposed stone, period furniture and handmade floor tiles create an irresistible dining atmosphere perhaps unique in Paris. The kitchen revolves around the classics, often with innovative touches and there are subtle references to medieval-style cuisine, such as an admirable duck terrine served with a lush compote of onions with cassis. The magret de canard, accompanied by simmered peaches and a superb potato galette, was tender and perfectly-cooked as was the rack of lamb served with mint, although the sauce needed slightly more definition. The luscious desserts were a soothingly perfect tarte tatin accompanied by a side order of crème fraiche, and the house specialty, a millefeuille served hot and caramalized on top, From the extensive wine list, we found the fine 1997 Château Lieujean to be extremely well-priced [...]

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