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Restaurant Le Coupe-Chou

Restaurant Le Coupe-Chou - 9 & 11, rue de Lanneau 75005 Paris


Anecdote : The Cage aux Folles, Michel Serrault, Jean Poiret and Pierre Mondy

In early 1973, a phenomenon began to take shape. An incredible triumph for the Parisian theatre world. One night in January, around half past 11, three huge names of the theatre paid a visit...

Anecdote : Marlene Dietrich, the Coupe-Chou and the bombing...

The Coupe-Chou hasn't always been what it is today, a huge building with small, steep corridors leading on to a multitude of small rooms brimming with history. Back in 1962 when the restaurant was...

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Le Coupe-Chou : Nous sommes ouvert dès le 1er janvier. Attention, il ne reste que des places en second service ! Réservez depuis no…
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